Hi friends and strangers, please interact with me, not your mobile device

Phone addiction has spread far and wide. I see it amongst my friends, my family, my colleagues, my students, strangers. Really, everywhere. Not everyone, yet, but I'm getting worried. I am an educational technologist. I love technology. I am writing on my laptop while listening to Spotify remote streaming to my TV. But, things go awry when it interrupts our ability to love and interact with each other.

I feel like maybe we're on a pendulum ride that has swung way over to one side, and we'll swing back a bit. I hope so, because I'm not loving blind compulsion to "interact" with our devices. We should control devices, and not the other way around.

This video spoke to me so clearly in exhibiting this phenomenon. I hope you take 2 minutes and 11 seconds of dedicated (no multitasking) to watch it. It's sad in some ways, but so spot on.

Sometimes the best teaching is when we get out of the way

The video of a small child grappling with the ethical questions around eating meat is a powerful example of a teacher (his mother) getting out of the way while her child goes through an entire philosophical investigation from start to finish. I often say that, as teachers, sometimes our job is just to get out of the way. Here's why:

I moved all of my blogs to Posthaven, including this one

I just used Posthaven's shockingly-simple Posterous importer to pull all of my 300+ blog posts here to Posthaven. Over the years I have written this blog on Wordpress, Typo, and Posterous. Today I moved to Posthaven, even though they have almost no features. Notice, you can't even leave a comment on this post. Yet.

I am not sure why I am confident in them, but I already am. I was struggling getting my three blogs moved to various services, and with Posthaven, they are all easily back again under one roof, as it was under Posterous. My other option was Tumblr, but there is just something about Tumblr, I can't put my finger on it, that I don't like. Not to mention I would have had to pay the JustMigrate.com team to move my posts to Tumblr. I don't mind paying, actually, I pay for this Posthaven account ($5/month) covers all of my blogs. Tumblr just wasn't it for me, even though they have many features like blogging apps for Android and iOs, and integrated Disqus comments.

For now, I am feeling at home at Posthaven. Let's see how their features roll out over the next few months. I, for one, am excited.