21apples is a blog with a few lofty goals

  1. build great teachers
  2. improve my own practice

Why the name 21apples?

I am constantly thinking about how the 21st century is different for education. Rapid development in computing power and the Internet has  produced incredible opportunities for teachers and students.

Ok, I get the 21, but why the apples?

An apple has long been a symbol of education. The teacher’s desk marked with a solitary apple. 21apples represents a new paradigm. Many apples, many sources of learning and teaching. There is no longer one teacher. Students must be able to learn from teachers, from other students, from experts in the field, from communities, and most importantly, from their own exploration of concepts. Many apples are  these many avenues.

Who is behind 21apples?

My name is arvind s. grover. Yes, I do spell my name lower case. I am the Head of School of the Meadowbrook School of Weston in Massachusetts..

I grew up in beautiful western Pennsylvania just outside the city of Pittsburgh where I attended Shady Side Academy for 12 years [never did I suspect how much SSA would impact my career path]. I then attended the University of Michigan where I studied biology and computer science, and found out that I wanted to be a vegetarian. And a feminist.

I went on to the Intensive Master’s Program at Teachers CollegeColumbia University in the Computer in Education program concentraing in Technology Leadership. [wow that's a mouthful/handful]

I identify as a constructivist educator. I have found personally, through research, and through my teaching, that students learn best when they discover and construct their own meaning. No one really learns much by reading or watching. The real learning takes place afterwards, when they try. Think of a 8 year old watching someone ride a bike. They know the mechanics, but it is not until they get on their own bike that they learn what it is to fall or to ride.

Where to find me online:

  • @arvind on Twitter
  • my webcast, 21st Century Learning on EdTechTalk.com
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    • Note: I used to use del,icio.us but I fear they are shutting down. If you need to backup your bookmarks, this tool is the only is the only one I have found that works. If you need support, let me know.
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To contact me outside of all of the above channels, e-mail: arvind at 21apples.org


This blog is in no way related to my employer. None of the views expressed here are those of the school, they are mine, and mine alone.