New Media in Education 2006

I am blogging from the New Media in Education 2006 conference sponsored by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning.

I have attended two workshops so far, “Blogging” and “Podcasting.” The blogging workshop was pretty cursory, and showed Blogger as a tool to publish your blog. They showed a couple of examples of what Columbia faculty members were doing with blogs including a popular mathematics blog, Not Even Wrong about string theory.

The podcasting workshop went into a little more detail, and was run by Steve Savera from Apple. As much as I love Apple products (I am writing from my Powerbook now), Apple seems to be growing more and more with each new product. They have QuickTime or GarageBand to edit your audio files, their new iLife suite for distributing the podcasts, .Mac to host your website/podcasts, and finally the iPods to listen to the podcasts. Is it me, or is Apple taking Microsoft’s approach and selling everything?

I will publish a list of all the resources I collect here today. Some very smart presenters and some very interesting technologies. Besides the resources, they are giving us educational examples being used here at Columbia. While they are higher-ed, they are quite helpful. I will share those as well.

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