The Myth of "Keeping Up"

Creating Passionate Users did a wonderful post called, The Myth of Keeping Up, where they discussed the traps that we set for ourself by thinking we can “keep up.” We have a ton of stuff coming at us every day. E-mail, magazines, phone calls, web sites and more. Most of us pile these things up because we intend to review them. Somehow, we forget the lessons of “stuff” passed, where we never got to them. How frequently do you go through your magazines, emails, etc and just trash the old stuff? You have to, but you know that you will never get to them. Instead of letting these things build, feeling guilty about them, then tossing them anyway, you have to take a more proactive approach. You must prevent yourself from getting into the pile-up situations.

1) Read The Myth of Keeping Up and
2) read David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and get yourself organized. This book changed my life. The cover is totally tacky, but read this book

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