I'm Still Alive

I have been quiet derelict in my blogging of late. The end of the school year really hit hard – report cards, graduation, inventorying equipment and the like. You teachers and technologists out there know exactly what I am talking about. But I am back. Alex Ragone and I have been busy with our webcasting (live Internet radio) and have just finished our 7th show which was on the future of NYCIST, a professional organization for New York independent school technologists. We are exploring how to take NYCIST from 1.0 to 2.0. I am the outgoing president and Alex is the incoming, so it makes for even more collaboration between the two of us.

The two of us have often been accused of witchcraft, because people think we are involved in more things than the hours in a day can allow. In truth, we are both always looking for ways to better give ourselves the time to do what we want to do. I have quickly become a follower of the Getting Things Done method by David Allen. I have tipped Alex off on the book, and tomorrow’s show will be about the book, and literally about how to get things done. Most people don’t realize that they are wasting a huge amount of time, and could actually get much more done. I don’t just mean work. I mean get in much more time with family and friends, time to exercise, time to read and time to do whatever. What it really takes is a system. That is what we will be discussing tomorrow. If you can’t read the book before then, try this article on GTD by Merlin Mann.

I will be broadcasting from San Juan, Puerto Rico (I love Skype!) and the show will still cost Alex and I almost nothing to run. We have joined EdTechTalk channel of the Worldbridges Network, so thanks to them for hosting the live radio and the live chat. Please listen in and join the chatroom to talk to us live. Tomorrow (updated time!) 1:00pm eastern standard time. Hope to “see” you there.

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arvind s. grover

I am a progressive educator, a podcaster (EdTechTalk.com/21cl), a blogger, and dean of faculty of JK-11 school (building a high school) in New York City.