NY Tech Conference - Be There Remotely or Personally

The NYSAIS technology conference starts tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. I think this is my fifth year attending, but who’s counting? It is great to connect with other technologists from around New York – I am always amazed at how bright, energetic and creative these teachers are. If only we all worked in the same school, now that would be fun. Or really nerdy.

This year there are some snazzy new features (if I do say so myself, read on to see why): for one, Alex, myself and the EdTechTalk.com team are going to be live webcasting the keynote speakers. This means if you are going to miss (or not be attending at all) any session, you can listen live. Check the full schedule. While listen, be sure to join the chat room to ask speakers questions remotely. Talk about expanding your audience.

We also decided to create a collaborative conference blog/website. I was inspired by participating in the K12 Online Conference site, and created 3 homework assignments for people to try out before, during or after the conference: try blogging, photo sharing or bookmark sharing, whatever works for you.

This conference is all about collaboration, and the site lets people experiment with great, free collaborative tools. The site also lets non-attendees participate. So whether or not you will be at the conference, please do join us. As we like to say at NYCIST (who is hosting the site), the knowledge is in the group.

If you need someone to talk you through it, Alex and I did a preconference webcast today, so give a listen.

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arvind s. grover

I am a progressive educator, a podcaster (EdTechTalk.com/21cl), a blogger, and dean of faculty of JK-11 school (building a high school) in New York City.