Raucous First Day at NYSAIS Conference

The first day was overwhelming to say the least. I showed people the new conference blog site and talked about how to blog, post photos, and share bookmarks. People really latched on to it and are making the site an incredible resource and online meeting place. During the sessions I had the chat room projected up at the front of the room and it was flying by. Really exciting stuff. Catch the podcast of Rob Darrow here and the Will Richardson/Alan November podcast here. First speaker didn’t know it was up there (last minute call), but Will and Alan latched on and were all for it. We are asking speakers from now on.

I just finished sending out my class coverage information for tomorrow. Now it is time for much needed rest before the exciting media literacy workshop I am attending in the morning. See you in person tomorrow or in the chat room at 5:00pm.

My room at this instant:

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arvind s. grover

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