Blogging from Mac OS 10.5 Leopard

So I ponied up $116 for Apple's new operating system, Leopard. Ok, well actually, I used a gift certificate I had, but still, I could have picked up an iPhone instead. I chose Leopard mainly because I had been having so much trouble with my very-new iMac and was hoping Leopard would cure what ails me. After a somewhat tedious install (due to my previously mentioned troubles) I got it up and running.

It's pretty, I'll give 'em that. It doesn't have a lot of new features, but it has a few. My favorite so far is Time Machine (see screeshot to the left). I turned on Time Machine, pointed it to my external firewire drive, and that was it. Now, my Mac takes hourly backups of every file I have (including photos, music, documents, etc). The larger the firewire drive, the farther back my backups will be kept. So I could go back and look at my Word document for my 3-weeks-ago version, or I could find a photo I accidentally deleted. Hopefully I will also have all my data were my Mac to crash. Also hopefully, I won't have to test that theory.

I will blog more on Leopard if interesting things arise. Would I recommend you buy it? Probably not. Wait until you buy a new Mac, it will come with Leopard.

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