NYSAIS Unconference Is But A Week Away!

I love the NYSAIS conference for technologists and librarians. It is held every year that the beautiful and scenic Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. My colleagues who attend are bright, enthusiastic and friendly, and I learn so much from them in a span of 3 days. Last year we use the New York City technologists (NYCIST) website as our main blogging/discussion site, and will continue to do so this year as well. This year we added a wiki to the mix as well, where people can post topics they want to learn about.

The main shift however this year is that it has moved from a conference to an unconference. We have employed Kaliya Hamlin to facilitate the entire 3 days. Kaliya defines an unconferences as, "The space between talking heads and a cocktail party with participant interaction around a theme or purpose. "

Attendees always comment on how the best experiences they had was in the hallways between sessions discussing with their colleagues. So, we made the entire conference discussions in the hallways. Sort of. That is the idea behind the unconference. Practically, it means no pre-planned schedule or sessions. We build the entire agenda with the people in the room and the expertise in the room. Kaliya assures us that is works. You can read more about her unconferencing here.

We will be live broadcasting as much of the conference as we can at EdTechTalk.com, Flickr photos are here, del.icio.us bookmarks are here, and Twitter friend to follow is here.

More details as we get closer...

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