NEIT2008 Unconference Planning Guide

I provided a little writeup for the NY techies list to help them get ready for the NEIT2008 Unconference, beginning on Wednesday. I posted the info on, *gulp*, email, so I'm redoing it here, now. We're really excited to have author of SEND, David Shipley and Generation Yes educator, Sylvia Martinez there to help push the conversations.

Q: Is it too late to register?

A: Heck no!

Q: Need a ride to Mohonk?

A: Check the rideshare: (thanks, Bill!)

Q: What is NEIT?

A: The NYSAIS Education and Information Technology unconference. For you auditory learners, listen to the NEIT2008 preview podcast at EdTechTalk:

Q: What types of tools should I bring with me?

A: Read the how to prepare guide:

Q: Who is coming to this thing?

A: So far, over 130 of “us.” But add your info to the who’s coming page (hint: click Edit This Page):

Q: How can I communicate with people during the unconference?

A: Via Twitter ( Sign up for a free account, and start following: for unconference info. Oh, and see who else is on Twitter via the who’s coming page:  

Q: How can I share photos during the unconference?

A: Via Flickr ( Tag all your photos: NEIT2008 and they’ll automatically show up on the unconference wiki slideshow.

  Q: Speaking of the unconference wiki, what is that?

A: It’s where you can find the schedule, rides to/from Mohonk, info on how to prepare, the schedule, the notes from breakout groups, photos, blogs posts and more. Oh, and you can edit it to year heart’s content! It’s here:

  Q: How can I contribute before, during, and after the conference?

A: Using blogs, podcasts, wikis, Twitter, and any other web2.0 tools, just tag things: NEIT2008  

If you read all of this, nice work! Now that you’re geared up, just get up to the mountain safely. See you Wednesday,  


on behalf of the NEIT2008 planning committee

p.s. what happened to shorter blogging?

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