Why I am on pause and fast forward

This is the longest writing pause I have been on since I started the blog in 2005.

About 16 months ago, we had twin sons and all free mental and physical space went to them. If you read carefully, you will notice a spurt of blogs posts in the early days. They slept a lot back then, so I blogged.

Now I spend all waking hours away from school with them, and it has been the best learning of my life. I am watching the elegant and complex learning process every day by observing them. One son is covered in cuts and bruises as he learns to navigate the physical world safely. I am enamored by his refusal to stop trying. My other son is more careful, and I watch him imitate reading by turning pages, and using the same intonations as I do while he "reads."

Learning as a parent, learning as a teacher, learning as a student...at each turn in my life, I keep learning at the front, and it always pays more dearly than I could have imagined.

arvind s. grover

I am a progressive educator, a podcaster (EdTechTalk.com/21cl), a blogger, and dean of faculty of JK-11 school (building a high school) in New York City.