Gender Transformative ABC's - incredible resource for breaking traditional gender norms

Rigid, narrow codes of tradition masculinity and femininity drive poorer reproductive health outcomes, homophobia and gender-based violence. This is especially true among at-risk youth, like those who are of color or LGBT.

To improve outcomes, there has been an increased focus and commitment on "gender transformative” interventions and policies. Gender Transformative approaches question, challenge and change rigid gender norms and inequities. Major international donors–like PEPFAR, UNAIDS, USAID and WHO–have already endorsed Gender Transformative interventions. is a wonderful resource for grappling with the issue of combating traditional gender norms for young people. This is essential reading/understanding for all educators. Use TrueChild's "learn the facts" section to get yourself up to speed, fast. Our kids need us on this issue as much as any other.

Should we ban fiction from the curriculum? Wiggins thinks so...

Grant Wiggins (of Understanding by Design fame) wrote a blog post titled, Ban fiction from the curriculum for ACSD. I took away two main arguments:

  1. he thinks that the abundance of fiction serves female students better than male students 
  2. he thinks that reading so much fiction ill prepares you for an adult life where non-fiction reading is much more essential

It is worth a read even thought it is largely an opinion piece. It is thought-provoking and could influence our conversations around 21st century libraries but also in a larger reading/writing in the curriculum discussions.