Mayor Booker Explains Marriage Equality

If you teach civics, if you teach government, if you tech ethics, if you teach civil rights, if you teach children at all, watch this video. This is how we need to think about marriage equality, and how many more of our lawmakers need to start speaking. Thank you, Cory Booker.

US Dept. of Ed guidelines for private schools

Pat Bassett, President of the National Association of Independent Schools shared this private school regulations guide from the US. Department of Education.

I was surprised by a few sections in the New York guide including number of days required and the required curriculum. If you work at a non-public school, looking at this guide is worth your time. One of the oddest lines in the document (which is very general) is this one:

The course of study for the first eight years of public school must include...American history including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, and may include a course in communism and its methods and its destructive effects. N.Y. Educ. Law §3204.3.

That line feels like a cold war relic. Odd, and out of place in the document.

Another that surprised me was:

Nonpublic school students are required to participate in the Regents competency testing program before graduation from high school.

I don't believe this to be true, but perhaps there is an exception somewhere.

This is a public domain document, so I am able to place the entire document here. You can also find a digital copy here.