The editorial process, 1970 - brilliant review of newspaper "technology", with pictures!

This is a most amazing visual journey through newspaper making in the 1970's and 1980's. It worth a read by adults and you could try showing it to your students. I'm not sure that they will be able to comprehend this history, but do try!

p.s. This is a photo of a reporter using rubber cement to glue pages together. Remember rubber cement balls? - elegant photo sharing, made easy

Do you ever need to share a few photos (or a bunch) with people and don't know how to do it? The website should cure what ails you. Just drag pictures onto the site, grab the link, and send off to someone. Genius.

This is what I love about the web - someone seems a problem and fixes it. Enjoy.

A conversation about whether you post your children's photos online - via momversation

The website Momversation has a video discussing different moms' positions on posting their children's photos online. It is certainly a personal choice, but it is great to hear a diversity of positions on the topic.

I thought the comment on the page by Baumgak about our individual photos being a tiny speck in the enormous Internet a helpful metaphor.

Do you post your kids' photos online? Why or why not?