How can we evaluate curricula for bias and inclusivity?

I've recently been engaged in fascinating conversations about evaluating curricular resources for bias and inclusivity. These came out of a conversation on whether To Kill a Mockingbird was an appropriate text for 7th grade students. The books uses the 'n word' many times and portrays black characters are uneducated and poor (yes, I realize I'm being somewhat simplistic in my summary). The book is also a "classic" of "American" literature - I put both of those words in quotation marks because there are real questions as to whose classic and whose America.

I've been looking at a number of resources to try and get at this question of whether this book should be read, and if so, how it should be read. I wanted to share those resources publicly as well as ask you all for help.
  • should schools read this book and books like it?
  • if so, how do we prepare students for the words used in the book?
  • how do we discuss the history surrounding the book?
  • how do we balance the inherent bias displayed in the book?
  • what other questions do we need to ask ourselves?
Here are some resources I've been using:
Here are some relevant book recommendations from Teaching Tolerance:

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