Help me save my son's life

My son Kiran has cystic fibrosis, a life-long, degenerative disease. There is no cure, and no effective treatment for 90% of patients. Kiran is in that 90%. As a father, I have two choices: 1. wallow in this pain, or 2. do something about it.

I choose to do something about it.

My wife, Carolyn, and I have partnered with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to lead the efforts to cure cystic fibrosis. We won't rest until this happens.

Here is where we need your help:

1. Donate to our fundraising campaign. We walk on June 4th in New York City to raise funds for treatment, government advocacy, and patient support. Join us in the walk or just virtually support our team.

2. Share this story with your network. You can use the social icons on this page or on the top my Team Kiran page.

I cannot overemphasize how important the smallest gifts are and how important re-sharing this story is. Cystic Fibrosis is a relatively rare disease, so does not get a lot of government attention. We need everyday citizens like you to come to the aid of kids and adults like Kiran.

And just in case you needed any more encouragement, here's the kid you are working for:

arvind s. grover

I am a progressive educator, a podcaster (, a blogger, and dean of faculty of JK-11 school (building a high school) in New York City.